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"I'm enthralled by your beauty, mesmerized by your charisma and spellbound by your love. No wonder I am always thinking about you. I wish to celebrate every Valentine with you. Happy Valentine's Day

Tears can sometimes be more special than smiles... For smiles can be given to any one... But tears are only shed for people we love!Happy Valentine's Day !

Love is not how long u've been together,Not how much u've given or receive, Not how many times u've helped each other,It's how u value each other !Happy Valentine's Day !

---;-<@---;-<@---;-<@Roses exclusively from a nice person..."U"From a simple person..."ME"Keep roses until they dry...Keep my relation until I die...Happy Valentine's Day !

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I wan't to kiss ur lipsI wan't to play with ur teethI want to teaste ur toungeHey ! don't get angry frenI m toothpaste.........Happy valentine dear ---Full Name: Supercrazy

Valentine's Day is for expressing affection;Fond thoughts are coming your way;We've always had a special connection,So Happy Valentine's Day! ---------------------------------You're in my thoughts and in my heartWherever I may go;On Valentine's Day I'd like to sayI care more than you know.---------------------------------I wish you were my ValentineThough I may not be yours,And I may, in my ignorance,Be speaking to closed doors. I have no inkling of your heart,No hint what you might say;But when I think of you the sunWill just not go away.
There is in you a lovelinessThat makes my darkness shine,And so I'll wait, if wait I must,To be your Valentine ---------------------------------T-here's richness in a love for lifeH-ere among the valentines,A-king and queen as man and wife:N-ot leaning towards what lust inclines;K-nowing well the needs of state
Y-on regal grace alone attends,O-n which the peace, both small and great,U-ndone by doubt, alone depends.---------------------------------Will you be my Valentine?I know that I am yours.You are like a ocean,And I am like your shores.
You are like an endless waveAnd I your waiting sand.And I will wait forever asYou come and smooth my hand.

Valentine's DayIs a wonderful wayTo make "I love you"Easy to say. ---------------------------------B-e with us in the circle of our love,E-ven if by chance you are alone.
O-ur greetings we have hope your heart will move,U-niting our good wishes with your own.R-emember there are those who think of you,
V-ested in the will to be a friend.A-s distant hills give depth to what we view,L-et these words some grace to your day lend.E-ach life is lived behind a sheltering veil,N-ot lifted but for love. Yet when we will,T-here is a wind that shifts the rampart frail,I-nvading with sweet scent the spirit still.N-ow may we all enjoy this fragrance fine,E-ach each other's secret Valentine.---------------------------------Be my Valentine: What does that mean?Each of us must walk through life alone,More deeply desolate than we have known,Yearning for a truth we've never seen.Valentines are from beyond that dream,Are like a sunrise on a world of stone.Little on this journey can we ownExcept as miracles might intervene.No way but through loving might we giveThe freedom of our being to another.In such a sacrifice we hope to liveNo longer bound by dreams of flesh and bone,Even as we bind our lives together---------------------------------Be my Valentine, my love,As I will be for you,And we will love the whole day long,And love our whole lives through. For love has no parametersAnd does not end with time,But is the gift of paradise,A pinch of the sublime. So let us take this holidayTo resubmit our loveTo those within that know no sinAnd with the angels move

I will wait forever, yetYou are a part of me.I hold you in my arms, while youCome to me endlessly.
Will you be my Valentine?I know that I am yours.I love you with a love that yearnsTo be your golden shores. ---------------------------------To ask you to be my ValentineI'd have to talk to you,Something that in all this timeI've managed not to do.
I'd have to get past "Hi!" somehowTo show you that I care,But the right time is never now,Especially when you're there.
It's as if a wall of fear,Transparent yet profound,Came hurtling up as you come near,Cutting off all sound.
I fear I won't know what to sayAnd strike you as a fool,Or you'll be glad to get away,Polite not to be cruel. Easier to dream than act,To hope than to find out,So fearful of the force of factI wait in fear-filled doubt.
But now the day of love has come,And I must cross its line,And so I ask you through this poemTo be my Valentine.---------------------------------T-o my Valentine, with all my love,O-f whom I cannot say enough in praise,
M-ay my love for you sufficient prove,Y-earning to redeem your caustic days.V-ortices within may drag you down.A-nchor, then, in my serenity.L-ove saves some who otherwise might drown,E-mbarked alone upon their Galilee.N-or should you deem your own love not enoughT-o be the chapel to which I retreatI-n search of a pavilion for my pain.N-o love is love unless it be a seatE-nchanted, where a stone might weep again

Be my Valentine, for IEach day have thought of you.
My whole life couldn't manage whatYour ready smile can do,Vanquishing my lonelinessAs though all light were new.Let me be your ValentineEven as you're mine,Needing what I have to give
That each might each defineIn friendship and in harmony,Now you, now I the melody,Each helping each to shine---------------------------------

I love you more today than I did yesterday, But not as much as I will tomorow. Happy Valentine's Day!

I searched through books & leafed through cards, For words that wud convey, what I had in my heart, But when I sat down to write, all I can write was....I Luv U!Happy Valentine's Day!

Tonight I ask the stars above, How I'll ever win your love, What do I do, What do I say, To turn your angel eyes my way?so..Happy Valentine's Day !!!---------------------------------

We've known each other, For a long long time, But I never really noticed, All the magic in your eyes, I've been around you, A thousand times before, And you've always been a friend to me, But now I'm wanting more....think about it !Happy Valentine's Day! ---------------------------------

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